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Galliforte ® is a vitamin and mineral tonic that helps to increase agility, strength and endurance of fighting cocks.

Galliforte ® is indicated for the treatment of vitamin deficiency, stress, metabolic disorders and as a nutritional supplement in fighting cocks.

Galliforte ® potentiates the rooster fighting instinct and stimulates the metabolic functioning of your body.

At the time of combat stimulates attachment and oxygen in the blood of the rooster, allowing to maintain the force at critical moments.

Galliforte ® aids in the control of bleeding and stimulates the rapid wound healing.

Galliforte ® promotes organic increased resistance to stressful situations such as the training period, change pen and transportation.

Galliforte ® improves immune response, stimulates cocks resistance against diseases.

Galliforte ® improves growth, development and physical appearance of chicken (improves brightness, color and quality of plumage).

Galliforte is a designated as a MALE vitamin supplement/conditioning aid/stimulant. Very usefull during stress, conditioning, and breeding periods. directions 1 pill a day for 10 days. 2 pills a day the last 5 days before competition. During Breeding season 1 pill weekly.

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