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EXTRACT OF NUX VOMICA - 30ml injectable

EXTRACT OF NUX VOMICA - 30ml injectable
Product Code: FBM-74
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THE EXTRACT OF NUX VOMICA - The true old time formula

Nux vomica is the most used pointing product in the world. This product has benn tried and tested for decades in every type of heel, in every type of competition.

Nux vomica as a poiting aid when given the last 3 days of the keep provides a powerful appetite stimulant when coupled with diet this makes sharper birds. 

Nux Vomica is often misunderstood as a stimulant - what this cardiac stimulant dies is basically keeps the heart beating at a steady pace, Period. Look at the benefits of that statement. By keeping the heart beating at a steady pace, there is a little chance of shock setting in - No wonder Nux vomica is still used as the #1 pit aid after more than a century. 


Give 1/8 cc in the breast for the last 3 days of the keep and approximately 1 hour before competition.


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